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Sunday, October 14, 2012


We don't have a lot of cold weather here, and my work doesn't often occur outdoors except in the summer when I might take a telephone call outside, and so my need for warm winter wear just doesn't manifest often or much. 

Unlike most people, I do not have boxes of clothes with seasonal labels. 

But it does get chilly here, most often with a cold misting rain, and that means I have a few coats, which you might be more inclined to call jackets. In fact, it was the recent chill that heralded the NC State Fair that motivated this post, not so much that I need a coat for the fair but more that I'll need something for my occasional evening bike ride downtown for early supper. Yes, I'll breakdown and go to the fair, probably on Can Day, but I won't be on the rides. I mostly want some decent BBQ.

So here we go. My coats.

The windbreaker Danger gave me.

Danger came in with a surprise last winter. I suspect he was aware of my evening walks and bike rides, not to mention my on-going commentary about the drivers who, apparently, aim for me. This red fellow got a wash last night so it'd be ready to go on my next evening foray. This jacket sees a lot of action in the run of the cool season.

My Goodwill leather jacket

I bough this jacket for about US$20 nearly 30 years ago in a Goodwill in Greensboro. It's due another leather treatment, which I'll arrange as soon as I can get to Kmart for a can of the spray. This jacket has been about everywhere with me, and although the liner has mostly dry rotted, I have no plans to retire it. Besides, I might be the only homo on the planet with a brown leather jacket. 

My US Army field jacket with liner

My step-dad gave me this jacket when he retired. He wore it on his cattle farm for decades. How he did that and kept the coat so pristine remains a mystery to me. Perhaps it was his weekend winter jacket for patrolling the fences. I wear this coat when we have snow AND I have to go out in it. Bear in mind that my only reason for going out in snow it to fetch back a bowl-full so I can make snow cream. I had a similar jacket ages ago, and it was in a similarly large size to accommodate the .45 I used to keep under my left arm. The two extra clips were under the right.

Last up, the jacket my mama gave me.

I suppose Mama was worried that I was cold, and she bought be this jacket some 20 years ago. As I fattened up, it became too small, but as I slowly become less of a man, its usability returns, even if the cloth is slowly dry rotting. I wore it to the fair last year, and from the picture taken there, I'm quite certain this coat is the ugliest thing I've ever worn. Well, except for the blue glittery thing that
 we won't be discussing here. 

And yes, all these pictures are sideways. That's because my phone is yet again acting all smart and rotating pictures without dispensation. 

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