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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Money clip

Yes, I have a money clip. I picked up the style from a dude at work, and later in O'Hare, my airport waiter pointed out how he used the same style. Changing the world one dollar at the time, I suppose.

Enter Daily Steals. Free money clips for $3.95 shipping and handling. I'm game. Two months later, I have an envelope in my mailbox. I suppose that $3.95 was more handling than shipping.

Inside the envelope, we have the object man's desiring.  

A shiny new money clip, and it's in a little baggy. I suppose I now have weed paraphernalia in the house to seal my complete doomnation.

I also have too many singles and credit cards in that stack. It might be a while before the new clip works. Of course, they did call it a "money" clip, not a wad of credit cards and money clip. 

I'm thinking the black and silver remains the more distinctive of the two, leaving so many to shake their heads in disbelief. 


  1. Crow! I hope you're managing through the holiday season up there? Ne careful!