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Friday, November 25, 2011

Vacuum cleaners

Okay, the first is not a vacuum cleaner. I lived in a studio at the time, and there was no need for a vacuum. A carpet sweeper was quite sufficient. It's minor price was also a major attraction as I was living off my good looks at the time.
Of course, that studio had, maybe, 10 square feet of exposed carpet. Nonetheless, the little sweeper served its purpose quite well. It still would, were I to use it. The sad thing is that it does not fit my hands very well, and using it is such the chore.

Then, I moved to the penthouse. Two bedrooms and a living room. Same bath and microscopic kitchen. It seemed reasonable, then, to upgrade the carpet cleaner.
For $20, I bought a vacuum. Bagless. It was sufficient to remove the lumps, which is about what the carpet sweeper did. I'm not sure it was an improvement, but it's what I had.

However, the Bissell was no good at vacuuming odd places like the ceiling or the curtains. Not to worry, I just let the odd places go fallow. The bugs had free reign, at least for a while.

Then last Wednesday, at a Target sale that was leading up to Black Friday, I got this. I also got to call customer service when I didn't assemble it correctly, but all they wanted me to do was get another one from Target. Can you see me traipsing back to Target on Black Friday? After calling the number twice, I took the thing apart, and found that I had not screwn the one screw straight. Me? Not screwing straight? Whodathunkit?
So, a real vacuum cleaner. Now, I just need a cat to chase. As you might expect, there was a little accumulation of dirt in the carpet. Click here to see what came out during the first pass. Not to worry, that much more came out in the second pass. I suspect this end of the building will rise as I continue to remove dust and dirt from the apartment.

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