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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orange peeler

A very long time ago, I aborted a graduate program in Physics at Wake Forest in the first year. I was in the wrong place and I was there at the wrong time. Besides, the one faculty member I wanted to study under was an insufferable ass. The other prayed a lot.

So I left to find fame and fortune at Lee County Senior High School as a math teacher. My first year was spent teaching math to students who had demonstrated an ability to fail at math, even if they thought they were bound for college. In the Algebra 1A class, one of my students gave me an orange peeler.
This was 30 years ago, and her orange peeler was far more substantial than this one that I bought at the outlet mall. Her's was half again as long, appropriately orange, and sturdy. I carried it for years. However, somewhere in all the moving, I lost it, and that made me sad because she was a good student in that she did her job. OK, she made the only A in the class, but she earned it; she didn't buy it.

So it was with some joy that I found this one at the mall. I nabbed several because they cost like 99 cents, and passed them out at work to the psycho peeps. To spread my joy, you see. However, I doubt they'll remember their's as fondly as I remember mine. 

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