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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clothes dryers

Pay no attention to the Clear modem in the background. It's the best I can get here until TWC decides to do better. There's also the collection of dead ladybugs on the window sill. I'm told some consider it lucky for the ladybugs to appear inside, but it's quite lethal for the critters. They quickly die of dehydration. Maybe I should set up a water bar for vicious beasties. Yes, vicious. Have you ever seen them eat?

You can also ignore whatever reflection of me there is in the window. What brought us here are the drying racks.
So why do I have racks when the laundry room has perfectly good dryers that run for a dollar?

First, it is not to save money. I will need some seven months to make back the expense of the racks, and given how flimsy the two traditional zigzag racks are, I'll probably be buying more directly after I stumble near one. I bought these at Target because that was the only place where I could find them. The tree is an afterthought. I grew tired of hanging shirts, pants and towels on door knobs. It came from Kmart. Yes, I know I said Kmart was dead to me, and that's true if the box is open. However, Kmart is in my back yard and very convenient. It seems reasonable to be a careful shopper and avoid the drive across town.

Second, I did not get the racks to be green, no matter how much I do love the green peep at work who regales me with tales of not using a dryer and how many hurricanes she personally prevents by not using the electricity.

Third, the racks are not here to make my clothes last longer, no matter how much I do love the Canadian who regaled me with stories of how long his clothes last. He doesn't get that I shop at Goodwill, and those shirts cost $3.50. I can have 20 more for the price of the shirt he will wear to work today. Maybe more.

Fourth, I do not dry the clothes in the house to make the air more humid, though I do like the odor of drying clothes, and that is likely a side effect of the increased humidity, especially in the winter. I could put out a pot of water to make the air humid. Or get some plants

I bought the racks to make life simpler. When I use the dryer in the laundry room, it runs for about an hour, and I have to hang around for that hour, and there's the rub. That little bit of structure gets in my way. The time needed to put the clothes on the racks is about the same as going down to move the clothes to the dryer. The time to fold off the racks is about the same as to fold out of the dryer. The difference is that the drying happens asynchronously with the rest of whatever I'm doing, and it's, usually, simpler to fit the unscheduled activity into the day as time arises.

Yeah, I hate a schedule.

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