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Monday, November 14, 2011

Broom and dust pan

I know. It's just completely unexpected that a man such as me would have need of a broom, except to ride, much less the dust pan, but I spent good American money in the discount bargain bin to get both. The pan even came with a small brush. I suppose I'm supposed to throw that at the neighbors when they're loud.
My grandfather would have stepped across the road to the empty field of sand, gathered some broom straw, which you might call sedge, and fashioned a broom. He did that often, and my grandmother used them daily. I saw such brooms for sale at the State Fair. I didn't check the price, but it probably would have hurt my feelings.

People even swept their yards with broom straw brooms back in the day. That generation had no time for a lawn as grass was a thing to be despised, hated, and destroyed. It was only my parents' generation that started cultivating in the yard the very thing they fought in the field. I am convinced the only reason people started keeping lawns was to provide the extra chores to people like me. As you know, there was just not enough work on a tobacco farm then to keep the boys busy. They had to invent more.

Oh yes, the dirt. That's not mine. I borrowed it from the neighbor to make the picture look more realistic.

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