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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Salt and pepper shakers

It probably doesn't get much better than this. Soft plastic salt and pepper shakers with lids to keep the humidity out. Such as this was on the table when I visited relatives in Spring Lake, back when Fayettenam meant something, and the very mention of Hayes Street sent you to the clinic.

Like much of my stuff, these are relics from the camping days. I can't say that I miss the trailers, much less the setups, but I did enjoy some of the times, especially with the children. Home schooling and the professorate meant we could take extended trips to the beach where they could engage enrichment as appropriate.

Maybe it was that, at the beach, a beer at 9 A.M. is not seem so unreasonable.

Regardless, those days are behind us now, and I doubt we revisit them in any recognizable manner. If we so, I hope there's a Hilton involved, or perhaps a Class A motorhome with a houseboy.

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