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Friday, August 26, 2011

Scout pin

An Eagle Scout Dad pin.

Danger undertook an Eagle Scout project that involved clearing a new ground for a path with a bridge and several seats. The Boy Scouts are peculiar in the requirement that Eagle Scout projects involve physical construction. Web sites don't count. Fund raising doesn't count. The boy has to build something. I see their point, but I also see it as at least a generation behind the times, like a good many other things regarding scouting.

Danger survived the scouts, and is probably stronger for it. He was teased a lot because of me. I'm sure he overheard a lot of whispered hate that surely contributed nothing positive to teen development. Nonetheless, he made it out, and has done well with his launch into adulthood, doing so better than most, likely better than I did. There's not much a dad can complain about there.

BTW, you haven't lived until you step into a Taco Bell and order two dozen cheesy beef burritos for the squad of boys in the woods.

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