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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smoothie blender

The old one gave up the ghost after two or three years of faithful service. There'll be a candle light vigil and wake this evening followed by interment at the Wake County Public Landfill tomorrow.

That beast has made hundreds of smoothies. Typically, I'll have two or three a day, depending on the day and what I'm doing. Yes, I slow down in the dead of winter when it's just not right to drink frozen drinks. Otherwise, the freezer is filled with plastic containers of fruit, usually grapes, strawberries, and blueberries, though after Christmas, I'll pile it high with cranberries because they become real cheap then.

Here's the old and the new side-by-side.

Comparing the old and the new, I can discern no difference. I expected Hamilton-Beach to have ruined a perfectly good product by now. It seems like most other companies do.

The problem with the old one was that the rubber teeth on the motor and on the cup had both worn down to nubs, and a critical degree of nubbin was reached just this morning, so when Grandpa went over the Kmart to fetch his Celebrex, a recreational drug for sure, and a ream of computer paper, he nabbed a new smoothie blender, a US$15 splurge.

The gal at checkout wanted to sell me a warranty, and she was none to impressed that I was willing to spend about 35 cents a month on a smoothie blender. However, she did not push the point.

So there you go. Come a runnin'! A cup of plain non-fat yogurt. A naner. Some frozen fruit. Top it off with skim milk. Buzz until you know it's done, and slurp it down.

Yes, I know some white rum would go a long was in that recipe, but remember, I'm trying my best to be good here.

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