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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kitchen towels

Well, a better title might be towels in the kitchen because, as you'll see, not everything here is an official kitchen-type towel. Of course, you know I have a tendency to make do with odd stuff now and again, and by odd, I mean convenient.

Towels from the camper

As you might know, I set up housekeeping with stuff from a camper. That means a lot of old stuff that was no longer suitable for use in the big house found it's to here, and here it shall remain for a long while. In particular, these two towels will be here a while because of their connection to better times camping with the children. At some point, though, that final thread will vanish, and I suppose I'll store the remaining lint in a jar or something, perhaps with a label.

Foundling washcloths

I found these two washcloths in the discard pile of the laundry room. After washing them, I intended for them to wait until company arrived. However, I found myself pressing them into use in the kitchen for some purpose that I do not now recall, and there they have stayed. The company never arrived, and I suppose it's all for the best because the thick washcloths work well with hot pot lids and biscuit sheets.

Pink and purple

At some point after moving, it was apparent that I was going to need more than the two camper towels, especially if I continued to insist on cooking. On a trip to Food Lion, I found these on sale at a dollar each. In hindsight, I'm not sure how economical the choice was because they are rather thin, but that buck amortizes fairly well over the half-decade it's been, and I doubt there's much consequence following the choice aside from the giggles of people when they see them. Do bear in mind that exactly three people have seen these towels in person, and I suppose, then, the giggling is tolerable.

Bar mops

Yes, that was the name on the tag at Food Lion. Bar mops. These are fairly utilitarian white towels that stain easily, and that means they need more bleach that I tend to use in the laundry. They also tend to scald a little under hot pots and lids. Given that they came in a five-pack for $4, I'm not all that concerned. They'll last a few seasons, and I'll use them a few seasons beyond that. At that point, we'll have a funeral because something will happen between now and then that will leave me attached to one or more.

Oven mitts

These came with the similarly colored towels. I rarely use them because they're thin, and the heat gets through them quickly. Instead, I tend to use folded towels for moving hot things. I suppose I should toss them out. It's not like there's a surplus of space in my kitchen. They could find new life in someone else's kitchen, perhaps a student downstairs. More likely, I'll leave them in the discard pile in the laundry room, and the cleanup person will toss them in the trash the following Monday. For whatever reason, that leaves me a little sad, and so they remain in my kitchen where they find some use under warm pots.

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