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Monday, July 4, 2011

Brown Turkey Fig tree

Yes, I once planted a tree.

I planted this tree in the late 70s in what was my mother's backyard partly in the memory of the fig tree my grandparents had in their backyard and my fondness for her fig preserves. It grew and made a bush that in some few years found its way under my brother's lawnmower.

The both of us moved away, and the tree recovered. Whoever was cutting the grass let it remain and grow. And grow, And grow. Figs are supposed to be indisposed to our weather and climate. Apparently, this one is an exception.

Now, Mother lives on another planet. I doubt she remembers this tree because it came later in her life. My brother lives in the house now. He usually lets me know when the figs are gone. I've never, to my knowledge, eaten a fig off this tree. Perhaps this year will be different.

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