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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The old TV

When I moved to Raleigh years ago, I did so without a TV, and I didn't think that much of it. First, my little efficiency was so small, I'm not sure where I would have put one, and second, broadcast TV was not all that great. Besides, my budget was running greatly negative then, and buying a TV was not so high on the list. I found myself working mostly, and later spending some time on the net.

At some point, an e-bud in Winston-Salem learned of my TV-less self, and expressed alarm. I don't know why, other than she's giving that way. A few months later, a friend of hers died, and she brought me the porch TV. That might have been seven or eight years ago.

Over the years, the picture degraded, depending on the channel. Of course, I never noticed all that much, but my guests did. Finally this week, it died.

At about that time, Amazon sent me an email for a flat screen on a serious sale and free shipping. I almost bit, but I knew the shipping would be a week to ten days, and while I could certainly live with that, there were naughty and well-built teens running about in their skivvies on SyFy with monsters chasing them, eating many.

So it was off to Kmart, the one nearby that sells lots of the cheaper stuff. Maybe there was a sale in progress. A few minutes in the store, and I found the equivalent of my Amazon TV waiting for someone to adopt it.

Bear in mind that it's been years since I moved a TV. The old one needs a crane, or at least a better back than mine. I don't know how it's getting down stairs to the trash. However, the new one weighed about like my backpack. I carried it as a briefcase, much to my surprise. The setup was trivial. Plug in the power and the cable. Wait for it to scan the available channels. Veg out as hot chicks feed gnarly monsters.

The surprise is that the programming is no better, not even with the better picture. Go figure.

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