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Monday, June 6, 2011

My beach blankie

My beach blanket, at least for my solo trips. And by beach, I mean the afternoon trips to the lake. This stuff has been to the shore exactly once.

At the bottom, we have a moving quilt that I found at the lake a few years ago. After no one claimed it for about a month, I adopted it.

Never put such a thing in a washer or a dryer. Trust me. It'll make you sad.

The pink thing is from the back seat of an old car. I bought it at Goodwill for a buck instead of seat covers. It has two holes from the seat belts. There's a bigger blanket that I take when I have company. That blanket is also from Goodwill, and it also cost a buck. However, it is a pale pink on one side and a dull purple on the other.

The old towel rolled for a pillow, I found on a bush in Guilford some ten years ago.

Don't tell me I can't live on the wild side.

Epilog: I mentioned the sadness that comes with washing the moving quilt. That is true. It might never dry in a regular dryer. However, rain water will evaporate out of it in a matter of minutes if you spread it in the sun. Go figure.

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