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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coffee cups

Yes, coffee cups.

There are three. At one time, they were all in the camping gear. Now, two are at home. One stays in the office. People fuss that I use plastic too much, but those cups have been around a long while, and I'm sure they've already leached what they're going to leach into my coffee.

Besides, they are precious to me. Very.

We went to the NC State Zoo back in 1997. Danger's godparents went with us. It was one hot day, and we stopped for lunch, or at least a wet snack. These cups were part of some special thing they had going on that involved reusable cups.

I wonder, now, how many of those cups remain, here almost 15 years later. Perhaps a few, but at least three, and they'll be here a while longer.

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