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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bed covers

I moved in here with stuff from the camping mess, and you can guess what that means.

In time, communication and cash flow improved, and it's no accident those two go together with the conjunction. When the money's coming, kind words follow. I would point out that the reverse is also true. When the money stops, the words, at least the kind ones, stop. And you cannot have the one without the other.

So one year, I agreed to participate in the Christmas shenanigans. As you likely know, I don't much like Christmas, and that's for a lot of reasons we won't go into here. I just leave this holiday for the others to enjoy, especially those people who equate spending money with spiritual advance. I'm fine with being out of country from middle November through Boxing Day.

Here's what the ex-spousal unit arranged for the children to give me that next to last Christmas with the family.

Rainbow sheets and cover. Well, as close to rainbow as they could get.

I really do like this set, and I've used it exclusively since. At some point and for some reason, I'll have to use something else. They'll wear out. I'll move and have a different size bed. Gay space aliens will steal them. Who knows?

It'll be a sad day, that's for sure.

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