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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My seat on the Southwest plane

Seat 23D. It's mine. Stay away.

Like most frequent fliers, I have my ways. Lots of them. You might need to visit a mental hospital to find people more fusked up than frequent fliers, and I make no apologies for that. Just stay away from my seat.

I would not fly on Southwest until they started what they call Early Bird Check-in, because I loathe and despise standing in lines, only to be the last to board with no place for my grip. You might need to be a frequent flier to get that.

My reason for taking this seat is multi-faceted. The screaming babies tend to sit at the front. The gnarly Type-A frequent fliers want the front and the exit rows. I loathe those people, at least when they are near me. The back row is near the bathroom and the rum. It's also the most likely to become my private suite when the plane is less full. Yes, I have the patented frequent flier scowl down pat.

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