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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My cough drop wrappers and tissues

I moved yesterday's collection to the trash last night about 11 when I went to bed. Yes, with three hits of generic Nyquil.

At 3 AM, I rolled out to start a fresh pile. The cold med usually does a better job then that.

So it's been over a year since I had a head cold. The Neti rinse had been doing it's job, but here we are. Tufted node. Watery eyes. And a fever that is contributing to global warming.

This could be the end of civilization as we know it. Surely.

And worse, so much worse, the cough drops are two or three years old, and the menthol has partially evaporated. Or turned into rat poison. I can't tell yet.

Someone needs to step over to KMart for more aspirin. Yesterday's trek to Food Lion produced more fruit for smoothies. Beer too. But the straight aspirin was all gone. Hard to understand a run on aspirin, especially now that I need more to continue.

I told you there was a conspiracy against me.

And then the rain started just as I opened the car trunk to bring in the groceries. It took two trips, but that included the extra beer. Light beer. No need to waste decent beer on a head cold.

When you find me dessicated under the pile of afghans on the couch by the mountain of spent tissues, remember the DNR papers. I will so haunt your hairy bohuncus if you bring me back.

But you can have what's left of the Mountain Lion soda. However, the rum is out. It's always out. I so picked the wrong season to be good.

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