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Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I visit Goodwill, I always check to see if an afghan has been turned in. As you can tell, I pay little or no attention to the design.

Something there is that is comforting about an afghan, especially when some rhinovorus is around. I would travel with them if I could, but one would fill a suitcase, and the lack of weight would likely cause a back problem some where in the surprise.

Many comment that their grandparents had afghans. Often, those are the younger people with whom I have the pleasure of working. I don't remind them of the generation or more that is between us now.

My grandparents had patchwork quilts, and we won't be finding many of those in a Goodwill. Yarn for making an afghan had to be purchased then, and money was a scarce commodity for that generation, but the cloth for the quilts was available from old clothes and, yes, chicken feed sacks.

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  1. I like this new blog, Jim. I had an afghan given to me as a wedding present (first wedding) which died a wonderful death after having become my daughter's favorite cover, and was loved to death over the years.